Meet The Inglorious Pasterds


Michael Baysinger

Michael is a lifetime citizen of the City of Mineral Water in the Hoosier State. 
Lives with 1 wife, 2 kids, 3 cats, 4 dogs & 5 chickens.
Rainman of 90's christian culture. 
Star Wars fanatic. 
Watches too much tv. 
Owns a life-size Planet of the Apes head.
Plays a banjo when times get tough. 
Dreams of living simply and being present. 
Certified Coffee Master. 
Michael was a worship leader for 10 years but quit the game before the game quit him. 

Find him on twitter: @mjbaysinger


Matt Polley

Matt is that one Pasterd that sounds like that other Pasterd that he’s related to. He’s also the one constantly being interrupted by the other two.
He was born in 1976, which gives him seniority. 
He will most likely die soon, shitting his bowels out in a ditch somewhere along a god-forsaken stretch of Indiana highway because he ate too much Taco Bell and spicy chicken sandwiches from Chick-fil-a.  
He enjoys good beer, better scotch, and the occasional pipe or cigar. You’re free to mail him any of these things if the Lord leads you to do so.
He was a youth minister at one point for about a decade, but then he got fired so now he isn’t anymore. He sold cars for about 3 months. Badly. He was a part-time janitor at an elementary school for about 2 months while he looked for other work. Got pretty good at buffing floors.
He worked in a factory for 8 years and now drives 1500 miles a week fixing coffee equipment with the other two Pasterds. Clearly he's qualified to talk about theology and Ultimate Reality.
He’s married, which is a miracle on par with the feeding of the 5000 or the Resurrection. If you ever meet his wife, Beth, you’ll understand and most likely agree or say “WTF is she doing with him?”
There are a couple of boys hanging around his house all the time. They call him, “Dad.
He has several tattoos, because he’s pretty terrible with money and making good life decisions. 
He can play guitar and harmonica. At the same time. Yeah, I know, he’s amazing.
Arrested Development is the best show ever put on television and he’ll fight you about it.
He’s really good at remembering obscure trivia and movie/TV quotes. He has yet to figure out how to monetize this talent.
He went to therapy because being a walking human disaster is funny for podcast bits, but not so funny for the people that have to live with him. He’s way nicer now.
He’s glad you like his podcast.

Find him on twitter: @polleynamedmatt and tell him how truly amazing he is.


Brad Polley

Brad is a Capricorn, which might mean something, but it probably doesn't.
It might have something to do with a high sexiness quotient (editor's note: It totally does).
He is an enjoyer of dark beers and a good Cavendish tobacco.
Father of three children, and husband to a smart and lovely wife that is way too good for him.
Brad travels around and fixes coffee equipment for a living and he loves it.
He's also Matt and Michael's boss.
This makes Brad happy.

Find him (sometimes) on twitter: @polleynamedbrad