Spinoff Podcasts

One of the benefits of supporting us via Patreon is getting access to our catalog of spinoff podcasts!
On a regular basis we release different types of bonus podcasts. Here are a few:

Pasterds Community Church
This is a series of mini sermons, reflections, meditions &/or homilies.

Hymns Of Reconstruction
This is a podcast where we discuss songs we connect with during the reshaping, rebuilding and rethinking of our faith.

Pasterds Pub Crawl
This is an "after show" of sorts. From time to time we have some thoughts about one of our recent shows that we weren't able to get to on the episode.

On this show we interview people like you. Our supporters are some of the most fascinating people. This show gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Special Music
This Spinoff Podcast will feature original music from our listeners. Some of you may have grown up in little churches where they had "special music". In the church we grew up in, it was a free for all sh*tshow. Some were amazing, some were just utter train wrecks. But it was a beautiful thing either way.

From Inside the Whale - Reflections for Lent
A weekly reflection for the 2018 Lent season.

A Very Pasterds Christmas: Volume One
A highlight of some of our favorite Christmas songs.